Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is coming :)

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Facts

Christmas is the merry time that is expected by more than 400 million people all round the world. It is truly one of the world’s biggest religious and commercial festivities that brings joy both to children and grown-ups. Everybody counts days for the great holidays to come, families to join and celebrate the birth of Christ. However, December, 25 is not the actual birth date of Christ. This date was chosen to coincide with pagan mid-winter festivals in order to unify pagan and Christian worship celebrations within the Roman Empire.

Santa Claus (also referred to as Father Christmas, although the two figures have different origins) is a popular mythological figure often associated with bringing gifts at Christmas. He is transported on a sleigh pulled by reindeer and drops presents down chimneys. Legend has it that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, where he makes toys throughout the year, and secretly visits the homes of good children on the night before Christmas to leave them gifts.

Decorating Christmas trees probably dates to the Medieval times when decorated trees were used in plays with Biblical themes that were performed all over Europe. In the “Paradise Play”, performed on December 24th, an apple tree was a necessary prop in the fall of man, but winter apple trees were bare, so evergreen trees were hung with apples instead. Other irreplaceable symbols of Christmas are: Candy Canes (candies in the shape of a shepherds’ crook), Christmas Greens (mistletoe, holly, and ivy), Bell Ringing (counting to the beginning of Christmas Mass), Christmas carols and cards.


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